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RP Playhouse
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This community is an expansion of a Yahoo Celebrity Role Playing Group. Please note that not all members have an LJ but HEAVY interaction is done through LJs.

Have you ever dreamed about interacting with your favorite celebrity?
Have you ever wanted to role play as your favorite celebrity?

Well here's your chance!

Create a Yahoo ID as your favorite celebrity or just be yourself and join in on the fun. Characters can be in any genre: music, movies, TV, models, sports, etc.

During the course of the game relationships will develop. It's up to you to decide how far those relationships will go. Het, Bi, and Slash are all allowed on this list and encouraged. It's your character, you decide how you're going to play and with whom you're going to play with.

Anybody who has ever wanted to start a role-playing game but didn't want to put the work into designing the group this is the place for you. All you need is a Yahoo ID and an e-mail address for your character and you're ready to play.

Please note that this group's membership is restricted only to make sure that there isn't more than one of the same character. If you choose to play a character and you do not reply to the survey that is e-mailed to you once you apply to the group you will not be allowed into the group. The survey is used to introduce you into the group and a way of breaking the ice with list members that are already around. If you don't receive a copy of the survey, please e-mail List Mommy Kelly at Ditz_on_Baird@Yahoo.com and request a copy.

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For more information on the RP_Playhouse Yahoo Group and a complete list of taken and available characters please visit the RP Playhouse Website for more information.