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RP Playhouse List Mom Bitch...

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As a list mom I'm not supposed to post my opinions on things to the board but since this is my live journal I can say whatever I want without reprocussions and that's exactly what I'm going to do right now.

I want to talk a little bit about the couples on the list. It seems that more and more couples are popping up on the list and personally I couldnt' be happier about that. It amazes me to think that so many people are getting together and starting relationships because of our list (speaking in terms of the other list moms as well as the members).

If you're not part of a couple please don't fret about it. There's still time and many many people out there looking to find that special someone.

Now I'm not expecting the list to become a new version of "The Dating Game" so I'm not going to go out of my way to find of if this person likes that person and so forth. I know a lot of people have asked other people to do it and it has to stop. This isn't junior high and I believe that almost all of us are adults here (and the ones who aren't act like they are). Can we please stop with the games? It only makes things worse and puts an innocent third party in a very akward position.

If you like somebody and are thinking of starting more with him/her the best way to find out if there's a possible chance for more is to talk to the person and feel them out. By having a simple conversation with someone you can learn a lot and see if there's a chance for a possible love connection. If there is then you didn't have to bother anybody else; if there isn't a chance at least you had a chat with someone you like and made a new friend.

As far as the other couples that are already established go, if you like someone that is already part of a couple please don't try and interfere in his or her happiness. If you truly cared for that person you would want to see him or her happy, even if it is with another person.

I've seen and heard about several incidents where people are posting nasty away messages directed towards certain couples, starting arguments in chatrooms, and even YMing the person who is with the person that they want to be with. Idle threats and fits are not going to make the person that you want come running into your arms. It's only going to make them cling to the person that he or she is with because they feel a sense of security and love there. If you keep messing with the person that you like and his or her partner you're going to end up losing a friend and worse...

Possibly getting banned from the list.

I can't speak for the other list moms but I can't take it anymore. If a couple is happy then leave them alone and let them be happy together. Now I'm not saying abandon the friendship and sulk for the rest of your life but if you're meant to be with that someone then it'll happen in time. If not then something better is sure to come along.

On that note I'm not going to play the "good and quiet" list mom role anymore. If people are messing with couples then they will be banned. When people are entering a new relationship and unsure of what's going to happen that relationship is very fragile and the last thing they need is an outside influence adding to the pressure.

Now this doesn't give the couples the right to run wild either. If you're in a relationship and know that someone likes you please use discretion around him or her and don't flaunt your new happiness in that person's face. Be respectful of that person and keep the PDAs down to a minimum.

I want everybody to have fun and enjoy the list. If something or someone is bothering you please don't hesitate to contact me.

YM: Ditz_on_Baird
AIM: Sunshine611
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