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Oh. my. GOD!!!!!!

JJB, Destiny, you both made my day. JJB for posting it for Destiny to find, and Destiny for posting it to the Issues lists where I'd see it. Just READ!!!!!!!!!

Staying in sync with the boys

By ALAN PEPPARD / The Dallas Morning News

So, do you ever wonder what the guys from 'N Sync are
up to? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway. Justin
Timberlake is about to head out on tour with the
anti-Britney, Christina Aguilera, and Joey Fatone is
hawking a DVD of backstage video he shot of the band.
Since getting the bum's rush from the Russian space
program, Lance Bass has landed a gig as a judge on an
NBC reality series, The Search for the Most Talented
Kid in America.

Chris Kirkpatrick had the good sense to come to Texas.
He has been in Dallas this month to check out the band

Last weekend, Chris showed up at the black-tie Dallas
Collection AIDS benefit at the International Apparel
Mart before heading to Club Clearview in Deep Ellum to
hear Ohno play on the same bill with the all-blond,
all-girl group Eisley (formerly MossEisley). The 'N
Sync member wants Ohno to sign with his new label,
Roundtable Records.

For Chris' upcoming solo album, he is collaborating
with Ohno lead singer Steven Holt to write some songs.
To date, they've penned three. At the end of the
month, Steven is flying to Orlando, Fla., to meet
Chris for another composing session.

Justin solo album. JC solo album. Chris solo album. *blinks*

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