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Why did I have to go insane?

I don't know what's going on anymore.
There are so many confusing feelings flying around inside my head that I'd rather just not date, but I don't want to be alone. Definatly not, then again I don't want to get hurt (or hurt anyone else again)
I'll level with you here, (whoever you may be,if anyone)
Reese and I split because she's homophobic..pluss he caught me kissing Peter Facillini...ouch?
I shouldn't have done it, and if she had just been angry because I thought I was gay and kissed another man, well I could understand that, couldn't you?
But she didn't like it, she said it wouldn't change her opinion even if we were just friends, she's a difficult person. I know she has a good heart but..yeah,
So After we signed divorce papers I believed I was gay had a few boyfriends (two..more like a couple then i guess)
never..slept with them..thought about it, but neither of them wanted to 'change me like that' i didn't ask what that meant whether they didnt want a virgin, or weren't attracted to me.
So, yeah I come to Playhouse and I met this incredible girl, Brit and wooooosh there goes everything it rtook me 22 years to figure out. I realize that this probably means I'm bi (duh) but..i dont know what to do...like what so ever..stuck completly..I talked to Joe about it, he's a good shoulder to lean on.
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