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Now It's *NSYNC's JC Going Solo

Could this be the beginning of the end for pop stars *NSYNC? Now a second member has decided to record solo, according to

JC Chasez, who shares lead vocals with Justin Timberlake, has recorded four solo tracks for the movie "Drumline."

Dallas Austin, film and soundtrack producer, told MTV, "We've been doing some great, great material. At first [JC] wasn't going to do a record, but I think now he's kind of interested, so we'll probably just keep recording. We were just writing songs for the movie and we caught a niche and it was like, 'Oh sh--, this is cool for you, let's keep going.' "

*NSYNC is known for their heart-throbbing ballads and poppy, fun songs. Chasez has continued that sound tradition on his new material.

"It's back to George Michael and Prince and that '80s era, where even though you had up-tempos, they still had songs to them, they had a lot of attitude," Austin said. "It was a trip because we didn't realize how far away music had gotten from doing real songs until we started working on this stuff."

The soundtrack will also feature Alicia Keys, Nivea, and Monica. It will be in store December 10.

The other *NSYNC member to go solo, Timberlake, will release his first solo album, Justified, November 5.

Could this mean "Bye, Bye, Bye" for the group? We'll just have to wait and see.
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It's about damn time!! Geez, take a little longer why don'tcha? It's going to be a wonderful holiday season.

Yay! I agree with Poet, FINALLY! Ahhhhhh I can't wait to hear his voice. *squee*

Thanks for sharing the info.